Available 23.05.2014 at:


Spotology is my second mobile game, released on both Apple’s App Store and Amazon Appstore for Android.

The idea behind the project came after many chats with casual gamers who find current gaming on a small mobile screen frustrating and too demanding.

The challenge was to come up with something simple enough to get into and addictive enough to not let go.

The goal has always been to create a concept which is familiar and entertaining for me and my friends to play.

That’s how Spotology was born.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The game mechanics are simple - there is a path of dots you need to go through and pop before the time runs out. The trick is, you have to do this with a single touch, just sliding your finger across the screen.

There is a time limit, but it also piles up in the form of time credit, so the faster you go through the old and familiar rounds, the more seconds you collect for the upcoming and unknown challenges.


The lаunch version of Spotology includes more than 400 level variations structured ascendingly by difficulty. You get three “lives” at the start of the playthrough, and for each 50 rounds passed you get one “live” recovered for free.
When bored, players can shake the device anytime to change the color theme of the game by selecting one of the 32 available color palettes.

More levels and game modes are expected to be released soon after launch.

Spotology will be available for free on Apple’s App Store, Amazon’s Appstore for Android and Google Play for a limited time.