One device
always with you

It's not about wearing smart handsfree
by being hands-occupied.

We wanted something stand-alone,
something you will not think twice to wear.

So we created it.
A step further with assistance
iWatch constantly checks and learns about your environment.
You don't even have to ask - just twist your arm to check for weather, your location,
places nearby or even your medical condition - pulse and body temperature.

Who needs
a phone anymore?

With 4G LTE wireless connectivity and built-in camera,
mic and speaker, you can Facetime your friends
and family on the move, anytime, anywhere.

With Siri's help, one tap away.


Choose your favourite color
and swap the armband pieces.

Mix and match the face every day
by choosing among hundreds
of watchfaces.
your exercise

With Maps, you can never get lost.

The Nike+ built-in app is also here
to help your exercise.

Fitness has never been better.

Your Media

Stream your music and video
library from iCloud with iTunes Match,
when you travel on the go.

The new wireless AirPods
will get you even closer.
iWatch and iPhone
talk to eachother

Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect
your iWatch with any of your iOS devices.

Receive notifications from your apps like
Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

iWatch is running our latest wOS.

The first watch with full multitouch,
2.5", 16:9 curved IPS display

By turning every piece of the
armband into a separate battery cell,
we've managed to make the body
impossibly thin and light.

We were also able to fit in
accelerometer, gyroscope,
pedometer, body sensor, 4G LTE,
Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, wireless charging,
camera, microphone and speaker,
to make iWatch always aware
of the environment.
Disclaimer: iWatch is a design concept by Pavel Simeonov. It is not an actual Apple designed product.
All logos, icons, pictures and names are trademarks of their respective owners. No commercial purpose intended.

Just designed in January 2013.